Inktober 2019, Day Seventeen: For a Spell…

Inktober Prompt: Ornament
Goldspot Prompt: Creep



17 October, 2019

My dear Bridie,

Despite the seriousness of your struggles ~ and are not your struggles mine as well? ~ your letter made me smile. When I told you a few days ago that it would good for your to go out for a spell, it never occurred to me that you would go out for a spell! How clever you are!

I am fascinated that Dr. Torres hid the spell in a hair ornament. From your description, I imagine it looks somewhat like this:

Your bravery inspires me; I feel a kind of courage begin to creep into my soul. If I can only find a way to gather enough strength to act on that mental mettle meandering into my spirit!

But, Bridie, you did not tell me how you are to use the charm. In fact, curiosity about your enchanting talisman has me



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