The Rest of Rivka’s Story

 Well, I’ve had a difficult two months, with my M.E. surging. Hot weather, whether I’m out in it or not, often makes it worse. We seem to be cooling off a bit now, despite the fires here in Colorado. I did finish up Rivka’s story; Meredith is thinking about rounding out Emma’s portion with a story of her own. So for anyone who is wondering how this tale concludes (spoiler: no one dies), read on:

2 thoughts on “The Rest of Rivka’s Story”

  1. Sorry to hear the last two months were so difficult for you. Is winter better for your M.E.?

    I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, so winter is my difficult time of year. 🙂

    It was nice to reach the end of Rivka’s tale.

    1. Lydia,

      Thank you for reading it! I do appreciate your perseverance.

      SAD must be rough, especially up north. We’re pretty sure my mom had that, but she wouldn’t talk to anyone about it. Do you have one of those solar/day lights to help you get through?

      Winter isn’t easier; either extreme jump starts the fatigue. It’s the temperate seasons that are best for me. Speaking of extremes, on Monday our high will be 92 F and the low will be 24 F. Colorado weather!

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