While We Wait

I’m not the Pollyanna type: my approach to life is more Pessimists are never disappointed. BUT — desperate times, desperate measures. So while we wait for this fearful virus to relent, I have been trying to remind myself that there are still some soul-lifting aspects to life. So I have been out with my camera*, taking photos of sunsets:






I have been tracking the moon:


and watching for the flowers to add colour to the world:








AND — I have been chronicling the emergence of blossoms on our peach tree:





Our temperatures are about to drop into the twenties with rain and snow, so I am worried that after Friday, there will be no more blossoms, and no peaches later (though last time we had peaches, the wasps ate more than we did).

Stay tuned. I’ll update the state of the peach tree later. Stay well.



*All the photos, like all the contents of this blog, are copyrighted to me.

4 thoughts on “While We Wait”

  1. I love your photography! Will you be writing any follow-up posts to this? (No pressure, of course. Just know that your snapshots of your life are appreciated. 🙂 )

    1. I liked the photos you’ve posted too.

      Yes, more photos to follow. Since I’m the resident coal-mine canary who doesn’t venture far afield now, you’re likely to get very familiar with the view out my front door and the park.

      You are all kindness, Lydia.

    1. Thank you, Jaynie. You know I value your opinion. (And I know I owe you an excessively overdue letter.)

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