The Peach Chronicles, Part II

Well, I am sure everyone had a sleepless night, worrying about the peach tree. I am pleased to offer a bit of good news: I think the lights may have worked! Take a look:


Not only do most of the blossoms that were there before seem to be there still, but there are even some new ones:

The foreseeable future offers some dips down to freezing temps, but no hard freezes. But then there’s the rest of April, squirrels (who literally will take one bite of a peach and then throw it as far as they can), bugs, birds…
Kinehora, all!

2 thoughts on “The Peach Chronicles, Part II”

    1. The peach tree was not planned. It grew from a pit that had been in the compost. I didn’t realize what the plant was when it first pushed up through the soil and I jerked it out of the ground, thinking it was a weed. Then I saw it was emerging from a peach stone and I furtively stuffed it back in the ground. And it kept growing anyway. So I have a soft spot for such determined flora.

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