Rivka’s Story #30Inks30Days, 8 June, 2020

           I have been having connectivity problems, mostly in my brain. Today I re-learned three things:

  • First, that an iPhone won’t charge unless both ends of the cable are plugged in properly;
  • Second, that e-mail messages won’t get to their recipients unless one hits the “Send” button; and, in a similar vein,
  • Third, that WordPress posts won’t publish themselves. One must actually click on the “Publish” button.
    Apparently I have to do everything around here. But I have now published the missing posts so the story is a little more cohesive.

       And a note on today’s ink, Coloverse Shrodinger. Note that yesterday’s ink was Cat. The two inks are sold as a set. Pretty clever. Oh: and there was no radioactive material in the box.

2 thoughts on “Rivka’s Story #30Inks30Days, 8 June, 2020”

  1. This post made me smile. I’m glad you got it all sorted out. 🙂 Is your WordPress account able to schedule posts to be published ahead of time? Or did you forget to schedule them? (I know I’ve done that once or twice!)

    1. Lydia,

      Yes, indeed, my WordPress account would happily schedule posting my publications for whenever I like. There are two problems with that scheme, however. The first is that I rarely get my posts composed ahead of time. The second is that I still have to remember to click that “Publish” button. So you see the pitfalls and impediments Fate has strewn in my blogging path. It’s just like that cave with the statue at the beginning of Indiana Jones and Lost Ark.


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